2009-NowThe World’s Best Ever
Contributor to popular culture and lifestyle blog.

2012: Closing Arguments
All the zingers, one-liners and last words that conclude “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” episodes. 

2011-2012: Tween Me
A repository of favorite pop and R&B songs from the late 80’s to the mid 90’s.

2010: Block Your Ex
A browser plugin created with Greg Leuch, Brenna Ehlrich and Andrea Bartz, which allows users to erase their exes from Twitter, Facebook, and everywhere else on the internet.

2009: Setting The Mood
7x7 needlepoint for “Double Prime, The Art Of The 7 Inch” show. (Sold)

2009: Porous + Me
Series of humorous needlepoint miniatures. A collaboration with artist Porous Walker.

2009-2011: Sorry Mom
Creator and moderator of blog which depicted the hilarious, unfortunate, embarrassing and sometimes despicable things men do when they date, hook up and screw up.

2008-2011: Mobile Photo Blog
Daily banalities from the pre-Instagram age.

2010: Converse Blog
Contributor of a series of profiles on young artists and creatives.